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2000-2004 Ford Focus Aluminum Fuel Door
Replace the flimsy stock plastic fuel door and install the most popular fuel door around. Our kit starts with the incredibly popular Ford Aluminum fuel door.  We first replace all hardware on the door with full stainless steel. This will not only will this look better, but the kit will last longer. Next, we modify the mounting areas of the fuel door to make the installation much easier on a Focus.

Our kit will come with the modified fuel door, all stainless steel hardware including mounting hex bolts, along with our detailed full-color installation manual. We have spent a lot of time shooting the countless photos and writing the full-color installation manual that will come in this kit. We want your fuel door to fit perfectly, just like ours does! For obvious reasons, we do not post this manual with our other online manuals, but the small manual image below can be viewed to see the detail and time spent perfecting the installation.

If you are interested in added security for your Focus, be sure to purchase the optional Locking Fuel Cap (2000-2004).  This locking fuel cap comes with two keys and will give you a little more security and peace of mind when parking in undesirable locations. With a short turn, the cap unlocks and is totally removed while filling the vehicle. Make one of the most popular mods a reality on your Focus today!

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Final Installation Photo

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Fuel door package includes:

(1) Aluminum fuel door
(6) Stainless steel hex bolts, washers and locking nuts.
Full Color Printed Manual

Installation time is estimated at approximately 1 hour.
Beautiful fit and finish

Beautiful fit and finish.
Optional locking fuel cap and keys
Included with our Redline Tuning Focus Aluminum fuel door, is the hardware shown to the right, along with a detailed 7 page color installation manual that outlines every step of the installation process. We have sold a lot of our Focus Aluminum fuel door kits and have received nothing but positive feedback. Feel free to email us if you have any questions before purchasing, otherwise enjoy your fuel door when it arrives!

Required for installation:

Power Drill
3/16 drill bit.
9mm or 11/32 open ended wrench.
9/64" Hex Key or Allen Head wrench
Flat metal file.
Rasp file or round file.
Fine permanent marker.
Phillips screw driver.
Utility Knife.
Duct Tape or strong protective tape - used to protect paint during installation.
Small piece of cloth.
Zip tie - medium size.
Body color touch up paint - used only to touch up the hidden areas where the fuel door is to be mounted.

Please note that this installation will require removing the stock plastic fuel door and the inner plastic liner - this can't be easily undone. However, when you are done, you will have no need for the stock fuel door or support assembly.

Fuel door kit.
Fuel door kit with stainless hardware.

Only a portion of the manual shown.

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