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We need you! If you have a vehicle that is missing hood struts and are sick of that prop rod, please contact us. There is a link below that shows our location on Google Maps. For those can visit with their vehicle, the system will be provided for free. Generally in a couple of hours we can design and shoot the necessary photos and video needed to release the new system. So, please contact us if you are willing to schedule a visit to our shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. First step will always be to get us some photos of your vehicle underhood - we have a running list of needed vehicles which are listed below, but there are many others not on this list that we still need to see.

Email us at: [email protected]

Redline Tuning Inc.
6087 Jackson Rd.
Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(734) 238-6759

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We are looking to develop systems for the following vehicles (plus many others not listed):
Chevy Volt (any year)
Chevy Trailblazer (2023+)
Ford Explorer (2002-2010)
Honda Accord (2023+)
Honda Odyssey (2013-2017)
Honda Odyssey (2019+)
Honda Prius (2023+)
Hyundai Accent (2018+)
Hyundai Ioniq (2019+)
Kia Niro (2017 and older)
Kia Niro (2018-2022)
Kia Rio (2018+)
Kia Sedona (2019+)
Kia Seltos (2021+)
Kia Sorento (2021+)
Kia Sportage (2016-2021)
Kia Sportage (2022+)
Mazda Miata (2019+)
Mazda 6 (2022+)
Nissan Rogue Sport (2021+)
Nissan Pathfinder (2022+)
Subaru CrossTrek (2012 older)
Subaru Solterra (2023+)
Toyota Corolla (2019+)
Toyota Corolla (2014-2018)
Toyota Sienna (2021+)