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Thank you for visiting our website here at Redline Tuning. If you are having a specific issue with one of our products, please prepare for the following questions we will first ask you when calling or writing us.

Warranty Questions
  1. Proof of purchase - we will need to see specifics about the purchase. If a direct purchase from redlinetuning.com, we will have this information once given your full name, address or email. If you have purchased from one of our resellers, have a copy of that receipt (including Amazon, etc.) so that we know the date and item purchased.

  2. Proof of failure - if your system is not working as intended, determine the issue as best as you can. For gas springs that go bad, there is a 4 year warranty on all black struts and 5 year on stainless steel struts. Remove them from your vehicle, determine which one is bad by compressing each one to the floor. A failed gas spring will compress easily compared to one that is working correctly.

  3. Contact us - once you have best determined the issue, call or email us with the above information. For issues within the first year of purchase, we will likely send out a replacement part with the information above. However, issues after 1 year will require customer to send us the failed item for evaluation where will repair or replace item. In those cases, please use the following link (warranty replacement).

General Questions

Email us at: [email protected]

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