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A little bit about the owners and our Automotive passion.

Redline Tuning is bringing many new and exciting automotive products to market. Redline Tuning was conceived out of a passion for automobiles and is here to engineer, design and manufacture high-end products for your vehicle. Our primary goal is to sell you products that we ourselves (automotive enthusiasts!) want on our cars as well. We work hard to provide the customer excellent service and bullet proof documentation, something that is difficult to find in this field.

All of the products that we offer are designed and tested by us, including patent-pending hood QuickLIFT systems for multiple vehicle applications. We have also designed this web site from the ground up - all graphics, images and documentation are unique to Redline Tuning and hopefully display the level of professionalism and quality that we and our products are all about. We want you to see exactly what you are purchasing before it arrives on your doorstep. By providing high-resolution crystal clear images, graphics and concise online manuals, we feel we are making it very easy for you to see the clear advantage in our products and service.

Our customers are the most important part of our company - your happiness is our success! Creating products that enhance your automobiles aesthetics, function or fun are what we strive to build.

Feel free to email us
with any questions you have, as well as ideas or products you would like to see from us! Also contact us if something isn't explained clearly enough on this site or in the documentation.

Business address:

Redline Tuning
8192 Jackson Rd.
Suite B
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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