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Issues keeping end-fitting attached

Question: I was snapping on the gas springs, but one end will not stay attached to ball-stud - how do I keep it attached?

Answer: This problem is generally related to the metal c-clip on the socket or end-fitting. If you do not rock the end-fitting onto the stud, allowing the c-clip to expand and grab the stud, it can bend inward and will need to be replaced. The c-clip is made of spring steel and once bent it is ruined - since this clip is part of the end-fitting, you will just need a new one (c-clips should NOT be removed). Our most common end-fitting is 72-00002, however, all of our end-fittings are available here, List of all end-fittings

Gas Spring Removal

Question: How do I remove a gas spring from the vehicle?

Answer: We have a few different end-fittings, all can be removed. Our most common end-fitting is the 72-00002 end-fitting, to remove an attached strut from the ball-stud with this end-fitting, follow these steps:

1. Using a small flat head screw driver, slip it under the c-clip (have someone hold the hood open, lifting slightly to remove the weight of the hood from the end-fitting)

2. Carefully lift c-clip and slide the c-clip SLIGHTLY toward the end of the fitting (DO NOT REMOVE). The lifting action will pull the clip upward and unwrap itself from the ball-stud below. While you pry the c-clip upward from the end-fitting, pull the whole strut off of the ball-stud. (The c-clip is wrapped around the stud, so by lifting the c-clip up from the end-fitting you are pulling the clip off of the ball stud. It is important that you have the hood weight removed from the strut during removal, this is simply done by having someone lift up on the hood while you are lifting c-clip and removing strut).

3. Once the struts pops off the ball-stud, you can push the c-clip back into the seated position.

Quick Release Function

Question: How do I use the Quick-Release end-fitting?

Answer: Our Quick-release ends make removal very simple, to remove an attached strut from the ball-stud with this end-fitting follow these steps:

1. Push the purple wedge toward the end of the strut - this lifts the c-clip that binds the socket to the stud and free it for release.

2. Pull off the strut.

3. Slide the wedge back up into the original position - it is ready to be snapped back onto ball stud.

Incorrect end fitting orientation

Question: I installed my QuickLIFT system and when I closed the hood, the strut popped off of the ball stud?

Answer: You most likely have a system with the end-fitting shown above. This end-fitting (72-00001) has sliding lock on it, orientation of this lock is key to proper function of the system. In every case where this end-fitting is used, the lock MUST BE ON TOP when the hood is in the closed position. In other words, while you lower the hood, the lock cannot be spun around and aim toward the vehicle, it needs to aiming upward toward the hood. If installed downward, the sliding lock will release itself when the hood is closed as it runs into the ball-stud, releasing itself. If this has happened, you have likely lost the sliding lock (part of the end-fitting) and you will need a new end-fitting (72-00001)

Where is my new hood?

Question: I ordered a Hood QuickLIFT System, why didn't I receive a hood?

Answer: Yes, we have been asked this. No, you will not receive a new hood from us when ordering your Hood QuickLIFT System.